2012 Tenjin Banked Slalom, Japan pictures




Here is a little info on a banked slalom in Japan I started with some friends from Japan who distribute Oneballjay. Sam Llobet and my brother Master Mike, and Matt Edgers have been a big part and helped out the past couple seasons. THANKS !!

The resort is called Tenjindaira and is about 4 hours from Toyko by car and $100.00 worth of road tolls. Last year was the second year of the event and i think close to 300 people entered the race. The course is about 1.30-3.00 min, and is made by hand from scratch in three days with about 20 people with shovels. It’s a lot for work but the corners are really nice and creative when it gets steep. The bottom of the course is a cat track groomer where you pick up a ton of speed and pop off a step down going about 40 mph to the finish. Tenjindaira is one of the best places to ride powder is Japan or the world for the matter. I think anyone can enter. The dates for 2013 is March 2-3.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage