La Nina’s have been shipping and are ready for winter

By: smashingpowder

Oct 18 2011

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Fall is here and the snow should be flying soon. The La Nina’s boards have been shipping and should arrive at your favorite retailer soon. The sizes are as follows. 156, 159, 162, 164.    Each board is a scaled up version of it’s little brother, with extra length comes extra stiffness. I don’t recommend to drop down a size in length like guys to with surfboards. This isn’t a fish design. The board isn’t tapered.  A great role of thumb with sizing snowboards is the tip should come between your chin and eye height and your feet should fit on the board just right. Too narrow in the waist and your dragging your toes and binding heel cups, too wide and the board turns like a ferry boat. The La Nina is designed is to get you from the top of the mountain to the bottom on the hunt for powder, tranny and booters over the A-frame house. The most common question I get is can you ride these board switch, the answer is, YES, and they work great. You would think the C1 would make it have a  more directional feel than it does, but it works awesome pinned nose first or in reverse. Photos: Mike Stamm

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